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Into the Beach

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve lived about an hour away from the beach for most of my life, but I always made excuses for not going. But a month or so ago, I wanted to go to the beach very badly for some reason, it just hit me out of the blue. So I asked around, and a friend suggested Aliso Beach Park over in Laguna Beach. A few days later, I made the trip and enjoyed it immensely. Even though it’s almost November now and technically not beach weather, it’s still enjoyable. I’m not much of a summer person and have preferred autumn anyway, so I think this was the right time for me to get reacquainted with the beach.

This was the first day I went. It was about noon when I got there, and it was the most mellow day out, weather-wise. The sand felt good and the water was nice as well. Got slightly sunburned, but didn’t regret it at all. Such a nice change from the rut I’ve been in for months now.

I left work one morning (I work overnight for the time being) and was all stressed out, so I decided to just come to the beach to simmer down. It took about an hour to get there, but it was still dark when I arrived. Kind of spooky being on an empty beach when it’s dark out, but it was awesome to go in the water and look at stars and the moon.

Another post-work morning, but this time I got there much later. Still an empty beach, though. Most people who showed up would eat their breakfast in their car and watch the waves, then leave shortly after. If I ever managed to move out this way, I’d do the same.

About a zillion seagulls, just hanging out. They don’t seem to be as afraid of people as the birds are around my house. I fell asleep one morning on my towel, only to wake up later and find myself surrounded by seagulls. Pretty brave of them.

This day I went and forgot a change of clothes and a towel, so I just jumped in with my work clothes on, then sat on a bench until I dried out. Watching waves, taking deep breaths of seaside air, and hearing the birds and the water? That’s some serious relaxation aid.

I gave my friend a ride to the doctor for a boob job, and she was tied up for a few hours, so I just drove around for a bit. To my surprise, I found a road that linked to PCH from where the doctor’s office was. I had no idea. But I used this as a chance to sneak in a beach trip. When I got there, I saw that the restaurant, which is usually not open when I have been there, was open and serving food. A big burger, fruit, and a Pepsi while I sit in the sun on an absolutely beautiful day and watch the water? That’s good living.

This is totally unrelated, but I stopped at the Rite-Aid in Laguna Woods while waiting for my friend to be released, and saw this. A 1996 Starting Lineup next to an MVP/Kane two-pack that has to be from 2008 or later? That’s incredible. And what does it say about Kerry Collins that no one wanted his toy for almost fifteen years? Poor guy.

But yeah. The beach is pretty bad ass, I wish I’d been in the habit of going much earlier. I know November will have some cold days, but if the forecast looks good, I’m going to keep going and soaking up the goodness.

NaNoWriMo update: 1850 words, but it may be trimmed back a bit. I know you’re not supposed to edit before you finish, but I wrote a bit that seems out of place, so it has to go. So maybe I’m closer to 1500 words? Tonight is a night off, planning to write much more.

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