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Seattle Trip #2: Day Three

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Woke up on the morning of day three, and found myself far more sore than anticipated. Walking that long the day before was probably unwise, doing part of it with a twisted ankle, even less so. The original plan was to go to work with Lish and then go up and to the west from there, since that was all unexplored territory for me, and if I got too wiped out, the option was always there to go back home and rest. But the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a better idea to just stay in and rest up. Lish said that I had accomplished a good amount the day before, and didn’t seem to disapprove of the idea of me resting up. She went on to work and I vegetated pretty hard, and enjoyed a particularly nice hot bath. I watched some videos of something I don’t remember now, and then I started to feel like I’d regret burning an entire day without leaving the house for at least a little while.


(above: I should live on this street, it makes total sense)

I wandered to the north (I think?) for a little while, taking note of ‘for rent’ and ‘now leasing’ signs, until I noticed the road starting to go uphill. Took a right, and that road soon went uphill as well. I headed back down and just slowly looked at the restaurants and shops as I passed by. Then it occurred to me that food was a thing that should probably happen sometime soon. Lish had mentioned going for lunch with a coworker that day, so I figured she might not be hungry when she got home, so I shouldn’t be, either. “I know you worked all day and you’re tired, but I sat here like a lazy dick, let’s go walk some more so I can inhale something!” That would just be poor form, right?

(above: the undoing of one’s digestive system, pre-disaster)

Found myself at the mystery machine again, and this time I was given a soda that I had somehow missed the existence of: cherry vanilla Pepsi. It wasn’t horrible, but I doubt I’d seek it out as a main go-to soda. Then I wandered down the street a little ways to the fabled Dick’s, and I wanted to know for myself. I had been warned beforehand that this barely resembled food, but it was the perfect place to go by myself. They opened and there were multiple lines, which I didn’t understand, but then they opened multiple windows to speed things up, then it made total sense. The service was very fast, which is always nice. I’ve heard that Dick’s doesn’t do special orders, which I guess is in the name of efficiency? I got fries and a deluxe burger, and shuffled back to eat at home.

On the way back, I stopped in a QFC store for something sweet. My overall intake during this trip is like 25% of what I’d be eating at home, and I was jonesing hard for sugar. I wanted a donut but wound up going with a snickers bar and some drinks. That QFC is cool, they have an upper level for the GM and liquor, then a downstairs with various housewares. I like the multi-level buildings, like the three-story Target. It’s a neat change from the sprawling monstrosities around where I live now.

Got back home and ate, and Dick’s is not bad as far as fast food hamburgers go. At least initially. About 90 minutes later or so, I was in the throes of gastrointestinal dismay, and could only point to Dick’s as the culprit. It couldn’t be Marrakesh because that was over twelve hours since then, and so yet another case where I thought, “you should’ve just taken her word for it, you dummy.” Let that situation take its course and by the time Lish got home, I was mostly feeling better. Still sore from walking, but no longer hurting internally.

She cleaned her snake tanks and I sat on the floor with one of them as he coiled around me. Snakes are pretty interesting to watch as they move and how they react to being touched. I don’t know a great deal about snakes in general, but don’t have the “snakes are slimy/scary” mindsets that other people tend to have. From there, we watched a bunch of videos, including a batch of way-too-long videos on the mobile Crazy Taxi clicker game. Dinner was leftovers, and then we went to the frozen yogurt place but I opted to pass and take it easy on my poor insides.

Got back and watched some more stuff, then turned in early because the next day was sure to be busy. Overall, it wasn’t a bad day. I probably could’ve made more constructive use of the morning time, but I figured that this would be what an actual day would be like if I lived up there and still worked overnight. Definitely seemed like something I could be okay with, even if the idea of eventually getting off this overnight schedule is a goal as well, as I enjoy sleeping at night and not being backwards to the rest of the world.

Day four recap can be found here.

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