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Time flies.

March 14, 2018 Leave a comment

I pulled into town three months ago, yesterday. It’s strange how it feels like yesterday, but also feels like years ago at the same time. Been meaning to sit down and write about differences I’ve noticed between there and here, sort of like a list of pros and cons for each, but have yet to make time for it. It will come at some point, maybe on a day off, or on a work night but not this close to bedtime.

Maybe the biggest difference doesn’t involve either place, though; it is probably me. While I can safely say none of this would’ve happened without a bit of luck, some things falling into place fairly easily, and a great deal of help along the way, I don’t think the me from even six months ago would’ve done any of this. Which, that isn’t meant in some “I’m so great” sense, because I’m not. I just don’t think I saw any possibilities beyond staying right where I was, until who knows when. The idea of even traveling for a visit seemed terrifying, so the notion of moving 1200 miles to see IF it could work? Not a chance. I don’t know that I’ve grown too much as a person in this time, because I still feel like a temporary stranger and guest here most times, even in my own place, but at least I’m getting to see something different. Even if that means I miss many people and places from back home.

There will be more to say later, I just noticed the date yesterday and was surprised how fast the time has passed. Adjusting to things has been… let’s say neat, for now.

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