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The anime shops: a look back

March 29, 2019 Leave a comment

On April 1, it will be ten years since the anime shop I worked at from 2004-2009, finally shut down forever. So it seems like a good time for a trip down memory lane, but it is likely impossible to pack everything into one post. I’ll try and pick out some memorable happenings for now, and perhaps I’ll do some exhaustive recap at a later time. Photos will be at the end, to give an idea of the space we worked with. Read more…

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March 27, 2019 Leave a comment

It’s an old friend’s birthday tomorrow. We’ve been out of touch for quite some time, but it’s someone that I have always liked and remember fondly. I miss hunting out a good birthday gift or making a cake or whatever that year’s plan was. I miss… most things about back then, actually. As with past years, I will just hope that things are going well on her end and that life is treating her right. Maybe eat some cake on her behalf, too.

Wherever you are out there in the world, happy birthday.

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