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I helped someone.

On the way home from work yesterday, my car told me it needs a quart of oil. I didn’t feel up to the task then, so I went to the store this morning instead. I get to the line, and there’s a lady in front of me. She has four kids with her, all small. Don’t know if they were hers or what. The cashier is waiting to complete her transaction, but the lady is digging in this little pocketbook in search of change. Finally she gives up and says she’ll have to put the item back. It’s diapers. I happened to have one dollar cash on me, so I handed it to the cashier. She added my dollar to the lady’s money, some of which was about 80 billion pennies.

You’d have thought I cured cancer or something. The lady said thank you about twenty times and I said it was no big deal. I mean, I would eventually need that dollar for something, sure. But not before one of those kids needs to fill a diaper, I’m sure. Plus, it’s all she was buying, at like 8 am on a Sunday. If it was some thing where she was putting back the diapers so she could instead get beer or something, then I wouldn’t feel inclined to offer. But even out in the parking lot, she’s yelling “god bless” from far away. I guess sometimes small gestures can help people in a pinch. That’s easy to forget.

In other news, I’m still sick and feeling like hell, but I’m just taking my medicine and trying to rest. I thought about buying some allergy medicine to see if it helps with the sneezing, but that stuff is expensive. I’m not dropping $20+ on some pills unless I know it’s going to work. For now, we’re going to see if a hot shower and assuming the form of a human burrito will help this stuff shake out of me.

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